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The FAB ZL1 at Daytona 2015
and soon to be displayed at
The National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky.
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For more than 40 years George Haddad and his talented technicians, engineers and
finish experts have come together to top all classic car restoration in
South Florida.

The Fabulous Experience - Price, Value & Trust

With more than 40 years in the automotive restoration business we can firmly say there is no shortcut to success.  Building a strong company requires patience, hard work and the ability to learn from past mistakes.  Our clients seeking advice often would prefer a magic formula that can transform their project overnight at a wistful cost.  The truth is, our success is largely based upon knowledge that we have gained, in part, through trial and error - determining what works and what doesn't.  The strong company has a specific process, a valued system that identifies problems and produces solutions for loyal clients.
Fabulous Restorations provides such a system that has proven results. We've designed a roadmap for our employees to follow, frequently a different path per project, but nevertheless our technicians are familiar with all aspects of repair and renovation.  And because each job is different, the amount of service required is also different, entirely based upon constant inspection and evaluation as each job evolves through the process.  The shop functions like a band of gifted musicians who complement each other for the sake of the total performance.  It is through this consorted effort that helps us create uncompromising perfection.
The door to Fabulous Restorations is open, please, step right this way.

A FABulous ZL1
1969 Corvette Coupe

All Original (Interior too!)
18,500 miles
Repainted in acrylic lacquer with original inconsistencies
No Body Damage

  • 427 Aluminum ZL 1
  • Original with correct Date Coding, Part Numbers, Casting Numbers and Equipment
  • Original A.I.R. System
  • Original 61 AMP 1100884 Alternator
  • Original 4296 Holley 850 Double Pumper
  • Original T. I. (Transistorized Ignition)
  • 052 Aluminum Block Built July 7, 1969
  • Original M-22 RockCrusher Close Ratio 4-Speed Trans
  • J-56 Brakes
  • Original 3:36 Heavy Duty Positraction
  • F-41 Suspension
  • Radio Delete

Shop Shots 2015

The Manta Ray
An Article from The Corvette Forum

Alright everyone, start your daydreaming, because GM just accidentally dropped a fairly juicy tidbit of information. According to a leak inside the patent and trademark office, GM recently filed for a trademark for the names “Manta Ray” and “Corvette Manta Ray”.

While many of you will undoubtedly remember the original Corvette Manta Ray concept, for those that don’t, it was essentially an upgraded aero package for the C3 Corvette. It was definitely… interesting, to say the least. But as for the news above, we sincerely doubt that GM will go the same aesthetic direction as the original concept.

According to our insiders, the new Corvette Manta Ray will most likely denote a trim level between the regular C7 Corvette and the Z06 Corvette, essentially slotting the void that the last generation Grand Sport filled. We will likely see a slight appearance change, and a possible bump in horsepower for the Corvette’s standard LT1 V8.