Fabulous Restorations

Fabulous Restorations. When Experience Matters.

Fabulous Restorations.

From The Motor City to Fabulous Restorations, AUTOcrafting is the consequence of diligence in research to build knowledge, design creatively and engineer effectively. These qualities generate investment-worthy collector and street-worthy automobiles. Fabulous Restorations. When Experience Matters. As you browse through an AUTObiography of Fabulous Projects, Corvette race car re-creations, muscle car rebuilds, and restorations, you will read more, see more and meet more professional car people than ever before. All the trusted names in CARology live, breathe and work for you right here; a team of skilled experts assembled to equal your compassion and assure your desire to own, drive and enjoy an appreciating asset.


The following letters are from FAB clients. In the words of owner, George Haddad, "it’s just another day’s work … satisfying the collector with a dream come true."

Decades of unimpeachable restorations and acclaimed builders of Corvette race car re-creations means Extensive Customer Service. We maintain 90% of our project vehicles and offer full service for all vintage makes and models. THIS is Fabulous Restorations, investor trusted and demanded by perfectionists.