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NO SALT again for Team Carbone, Wendt and Johnston who made the long trek to Bonneville for Speed Week 2013. Revisit FAB articles, “The Racer’s Edge” and “The Winner Is ...” from last year.
Dave Johnston provided this blow-by-blow message written Wednesday morning, August 14, 2013.  “Here’s the video of what we thought was a complete spin at 170 mph. After viewing the film we know Jerry saved it from a spin in the soft wet salt. Before the end of the day (yesterday) there were 33 spinouts on course #1 at that point. They finally closed that course.”

The team’s ‘Grand Plan’ was for Jerry Carbone to break the existing record; then Bill Wendt would take it to 200 mph and get the red hat (must break a record and exceed 200), afterward David Johnston takes it all the way to 212 mph; enabling each man to break the world land speed record, be in the 200 mph club and hold the fastest record in class at the end of the day! However, engine issues turned a perfectly FABulous scheme back into an exciting theory, BUT they shall return, once again, next year!